Solutions We Offer

  • Identify where your practice is struggling with our Practice Workflow Analysis
  • Get claims paid faster with an average 15% improvement in revenue
  • More time to care for patients, reduce paperwork
  • Coding audits to identify potential revenue increases
  • Real time reports, Real time access, Ultimate control
  • Go green, Go paperless, Save time, Save money
  • Reduce patient bad debt while increasing patient satisfaction
  • Preserve patient goodwill, Increase patient retention
  • Gap Identification, HIPAA Hotline
  • Reduce stress and physician burnout
  • Take control of your practice
  • Getting your work life balance back
  • Running a profitable and efficient practice

Let us help you keep your business as healthy as you keep your patients.

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We’re part of the nation's largest network of Medical Revenue Management offices, and we specialize in practice management, revenue cycle optimization, and private practice business support.

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Donna Pierce
CEO Newheights Revenue Management, LLC,
CMRM Certified Medical Revenue Manager

I have seen many Doctors and Dentist struggle to keep their practice open, some even were forced to close their doors. They were all dedicated to their profession and patients, spent many years to fulfill their passion of taking care of people. Seeing that passion for the people they serve I felt it was time for me to step up and help. My desire is to help those dedicated professionals get the money they deserved so they can fulfill their dreams of serving people along with having the opportunities to be financially successful. Newheights Revenue Management, LLC is part of the nation’s largest Medical Revenue Management Company. We specialize in practice management and revenue cycle optimization, and we have the expertise you need to achieve financial success for your practice. Whether you are in the process of starting a new practice or looking to increasing your revenue we are here for you. We are here to take care of you so you can take care of your patients. Let us partner with you to serve those we care about.

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  • Medical billing is very difficult unless you outsource... to do it in the office would take a lot more time and money. It has allowed me to get better reimbursement on my claims because I have an entire billing company behind me to check claims and follow up on them. iClaim is a wonderful online ...
    Donna C.
  • My billing was horribly tedious and very time consuming... when I outsourced my billing, I was able to give my headache away. With iClaim, I can track what's happening with each and every claim, online 24/7 at my convenience.
    Asli C.
  • In this day and age with all the complexities of medical billing, I can't imagine doing it any other way (billing in-house) at this point. A good Physician has to decide when to delegate responsibility.
    Johnny W.
  • Outsourcing my billing has allowed me to spend more time taking care of patients while not worrying about the headaches and the regulations that go along with it.
    Kevin T.
  • No doctor wants to deal with insurance companies or with patients who won't or can't pay. Outsourcing my billing takes me away from worrying about billing my patients and lets me concentrate on our main focus; practicing medicine.
    Keyvan K.